Andy Zuro


Luis Medrano
Building Supervisor

Lindsey Hanna
Customer Relations

Craig Ivey
Warehouse Manager

Heather Leseganich
Customer Relations

Nancy Ramsey
Customer Relations Manager

Delaney Jacobs
Customer Relations


Barbara Wood
HR Admin/Contractor Sales



Reno, Nevada

Galen Bradford

Brit Johnson
Sr. Account Manager

Steve Twyeffort
Operations Associate

Gabriel Ziegler
Parts and Returns Manager

Megan Gustafson
Director of Bus. Development

David Ahmadi
Operations Manager

Mason Watkins
Marketing Associate

Calvin Zuro
Account Manager

Joe Hopper
Director of Marketing

Matt Biondi
Creative Director

Steve Sage
Customer Relations Lead

Nolan Crumback
Account Manager

Shawn Choo-Murphy
Accounting and Finance

Jacob McDermott
Warehouse Manager

Cynthia Beghtel
Shipping Manager

Jose Izquierdo
Warehouse Lead



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