Introducing the 8KL3iC Copper Island With Crown Molding

ZLINE Kitchen and Bath is proud to present the world's first copper island range hood with crown molding. The 8KL3iC comes fully loaded with ZLINE's proprietary copper finish, a copper that lasts and endures the test of time. Our copper will never tarnish and will last a lifetime. Enjoy ZLINE's seamless chimney technology, a chimney that looks elegant with no lines or creases to fit your ceiling height. Crown Molding allows for the chimney to be cut at any height, and is included with the purchase of every 8KL3iC.

With a high performance 760CFM motor that is warrantied for life, this copper island is something special. The price after everything is included? An unbelievable $849.99 to your door. The 8KL3iC is available today.