A new Preferred ZLINE Dealer


September 9, 2019
Starting September 2019, ZLINE Kitchen & Bath and SemBro Designs will close the gap on both kitchen appliances and living design for consumers.

ZLINE representatives Jagger Stockdale, Ali Zuro and Brandon Myers meet up with SemBro Designs.

ZLINE representatives Jagger Stockdale, Ali Zuro and Brandon Myers meet up with SemBro Designs.

First recognized as the Leader in Kitchen Design, ZLINE Kitchen and Bath spearheaded the industry in their range hood design and recently expanded into a variety of products across the kitchen suite. With the expanded product line and new partnership, SemBro Designs and ZLINE Kitchen will be able to provide services start to finish, with professional help through each step. The ZLINE and SemBro Designs partnership offers:

• ENERGY STAR certified appliances
• Complete renovation services with a wide selection of appliances
• ADA compliant appliances assisting in the design and functionality of an ADA capable kitchen
• Guaranteed service from the appliance to the strategic installation
• Modern trends and technological advancements across the board
• Products that meet the highest environmental standard in the industry
• Customizable and panel ready products to match your kitchen suite
• 3D design utilizing innovative software
• Insight from USA based and family owned companies

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Why should you be excited about this partnership?
In a word: Completion. Quality products, people, companies, and customer care. All working together to provide an unparalleled work ethic to complete kitchen projects with exceptional products.

Associates from ZLINE Kitchen & Bath have expressed their excitement about this partnership as “Creating a simple solution for all of our customers, allowing them to capitalize on functional technology with ease at an affordable price point.” If you aren't familiar with ZLINE products now is a great time to get acquainted.


ZLINE has been in the industry for over thirteen years. Initially beginning with range hoods, they have quickly expanded into ranges, dishwashers, faucets, sinks, microwave drawers, and more. Often recognized for innovative and high-quality design at an affordable price point, ZLINE grew into one of the largest kitchen appliance manufacturers in North America.

The partnership with SemBro Designs matters because of the curve when it comes to technology and advancements in design. Not only does SemBro offer a start to finish renovation and remodeling through in-home consultations, but they provide 3D design utilizing innovative software. Imagine designing your entire home and eliminating many common remodeling mistakes while receiving a near exact finished product. By bringing this technology into partnership and offering ZLINE products in showroom, consumers can not only get an actual in person experience of how the products will operate in their own home, but will be able to design their home exactly as required. Both companies are hands on with their in-house customer service, guaranteed work and craftsmanship whom have a detailed design eye to help you create your dream home start to finish.

A huge highlight for these companies and this partnership is the attainable luxury which they each provide individually, and now in conjunction with each other. As they continue to unveil new products/product technologies they will each provide that luxury from all ends of the spectrum, from product to installation. Products all employees of each party are excited for this year, are Bluetooth enabled appliances capable of being utilized from any room in your home. ZLINE states that technological advancements should be simple and attainable for any consumer. As ZLINE and SemBro Designs grow, their mission is to create more convenient products that enhance the users experience, at a fraction of the cost compared to competitors. Capitalize on attainable luxury with this partnership and explore the ZLINE Kitchen Showroom at SemBro Designs.