The Best Just Got Better


Can you smell that?

The dense aroma of dutch apple pie cascading its way around the room. As it fills your senses you smile, because I mean…c’mon its pie.  You flip on the light, and there it is ladies and gentlemen in all its glory – your fresh baked dutch apple pie ready to be removed and served to your family. It’s time. 


So, what does this have to do with Black Stainless Steel you may be wondering? 

The kitchen is where the magic happens. Not only because it’s the most used space in a home, but food is an indicative part of human interaction.  It’s where connections are made, stories are told, and food is enjoyed. That’s how we feel here at ZLINE. We are a family-owned and operated company who are a group of designers, globally responsible individuals, and engineers whose main goal is providing our customers the top of the line kitchen appliances at the best price point in the industry.

Why should you care about Black Stainless?

We meant it when we stated “The best just got better” on a company mailer last week regarding the launch of ZLINE’s Black Stainless Ranges. Black Stainless has a history. A really interesting one. Black Stainless steel accomplishes its finish by a process called bluing.  The technique of bluing has been used in history to alter the color of gun barrels in the wild west.  This process of bluing is what is done to manipulate the color of our Black Stainless.  Andy Zuro, the Founder and CEO of ZLINE, conducted many tests and trials in order to accomplish the exact black stainless steel hue that you see on our black stainless ranges and range hoods. In addition, through this process it makes black stainless steel fingerprint and stain resistant. This process also provides an extra protective layer on top the stainless steel making it highly rust resistant.

 Black stainless steel is an elite upgrade and immediately becomes the stand out piece in any kitchen.  As we know from every fashion conscious person in history, we know that black goes with absolutely everything. Yes those statements seem contradictory, but this is how it works - black stainless delivers an incredibly elegant standout appeal to any kitchen while matching with different variations of cabinet door colors, marble, tile and any/all flooring.  So even though it will be a standout piece that wows your kitchen audience, you can combine it with any aesthetic or kitchen scene.

So, what is for sale?

As we have quickly risen to one of the top kitchen and bath manufactures in North America over the past 14 years, there has been a large focus on making sure each category and appliance get better and better with time.  Hundreds, and even thousands, of tests have been conducted in each product category to insure you are receiving the best quality appliance your hard earned money can buy.  ZLINE faucets go through over 3000 testes per unit utilizing recycled water. While ranges and range hoods go through over 250 tests each to ensure we deliver quality with each product.  Every product we produce has been examined thoroughly, by hand, before that product embarks on a journey to its new home.  From this type of execution we have been able to grow in to providing our customers full kitchen suits in most finishes.

What can be expected in the future?

Everything we do, we focus on adopting procedures that are environmentally conscious wanting to leave this planet better than we found it. Paints and stains used to color our wood range hoods, and various finishes of ranges are captured and reused for another product in the future. In Fall 2019 ZLINE produced new environmentally sound shipping boxes that eliminate 95% of waste and assist in reducing CO2 emissions.  ZLINE meets and will continue to meet the highest environmental standard in the country. 

If you are new to ZLINE thank you for taking interest in our products and having the desire to learn more about us!  Questions? Call us any time, we have a dedicated in house customer service staff that would love to speak to you (777) 614-5004.